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Spiritual Message

A Prayer for Peace

Holy God, whose will is justice, whose word is truth, whose way is mercy - in the midst of the violence, conflict, and hostility of this world, give us grace to wage peace, practice shalom, and shine the light of your Love.

Good and gracious Lord, have mercy upon all those we lift in our hearts as we pray

  • for casualities of public and private violence, exploitation, and abuse
  • for all who serve in the face of danger that others may be safe and free
  • for all who struggle with mental illness and those consumed by fear, anxiety, and distrust
  • for refugees and civilians whose lives and loved ones are threatened
  • for citizens and immigsrants targeted for religious affiliation, skin color, and sexual identity
  • for all persons diminshed by sexism, racism, and every form of social oppression -

All this we pray in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace,  Amen